Another Day in Dawson City, July 19 and 20
Its wet out here but rain little dampens the magic. We catch several music shows in the festival. The music is enough to make us want to come back. We plan to hang around one more day. So much to see. Its hard not to like DC. Hey, Jack London lived here and he liked it! Its hard to figure what it is ‘really’ like to live here. Something Susan & I regularly do is ponder what day to day life is like in places we visit. The challenge with trying to understand living in DC during the Music Festival is like trying to understand a place while visiting on Halloween. This is a crowded, noisy time, and I don’t think of the ‘far north’ as crowded and noisy. But a fun time too.
We went a few miles out of town to see Dredge Number 4 today, if you ever get up this way its a must see. These dredges were constructed starting around 1900 and worked as late as the 1960s scooping up large amounts of old river bed looking for and finding much gold. They were originally constructed when there were no rail or land roads so everything had to come up river after spring thaw and be assembled in the wilderness. They are huge and we needed a long explaination as to how they worked.
Turning North Again
Tomorrow, after 4,000 miles and three weeks we turn up the last leg, we actually will start on the Dempster Hwy. Historically the Dempstrer is pretty dry and dusty in July but we have had at least a week of rain now and the road is muddy with one section washed out. I asked a gal staying at the B&B we are staying at (more fair weather campers, us) who spends most of her summer up the Dempster, she says she makes it through the wash out area in her pick up truck, ‘just don’t stop’ when you hit the low mud or you may stay there longer than you want. I ask about fishing places and get some suggestions. Susan gets a fishing license, I’m the designated eater. Hope for some graying or arctic char.


Steve said...

You are sure up the road a ways now. Sam got me a MBZ E300 Turbodiesel and I've been to Colorado twice already with it. MBZ gets up to 42mpg if I stay below speed limit, so that beats the CRD, but I can't sleep comfortably in it, so Bonnie and I are taking the CRD to CO in August. Keep reporting from the North!

Jim&Doe said...

What a trip of a lifetime! Hopefully when you get home we can get together and see all of the pictures, Drive home safely and enjoy the rest of your retirement. Sure beat working!!!!!!!!!!!