Day 1

Day 1, July 1st, start Pasadena, CA destination Jerome, AZ miles 358, 7 hours driving, We began our trip north by heading east. The logic is not navigational as in rounding a mountain system or locating a bridge crossing a river. In our case it is to connect with family. It was very hot on the way, 106 to 108 as we went through Blythe, CA and somewhere in AZ our car temp indicator briefly hit 113. The air conditioning held up although we did turn it off on a couple steep grades to make sure there was no overheating. We drove to my sister’s house in Jerome Az  ( an old mining town in the AZ m mountains near Sedona.Our 87 year old mother is visiting from Chicago. On July 2nd we will drive down to the Phoenix area to take in a band performance which our son Michael is in. He is in a 'drum and bugle corps’ called the Velvet Knights  ( ). He is on the road all summer as are we and this will be our only chance to see a performance.
We will hang out in Jerome for the 4th of July catching local parties, fireworks and whatever band in playing in the Spirit Room (the local, very colorful, bar).

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