July 15

3,700 miles since we set out and the real adventure has just begun. Today we entered the Yukon. Every state and province has a motto, sometimes even found on a license plate. Illinois is ‘Land Of Lincoln’, Missouri is the ‘Show Me State’, Montana, ’Big Sky Country’ Alberta has the Wild Alberta Rose. Each captures something of the spirit of the place. The Yukon’s is ‘Larger Than Life’. I would suggest they use something like ’Wild Beyond You’re Imagination’.
We have definitely hit a wild land even though we are at the beginning in the south. Already there is permafrost in many of the endless miles of scrub forrest. But there are enough places that are not on permafrost to see how a forrest would grow in its absence. Today we went to a Laird Hot Spring to soak and decided this is a place we would like to spend more time. The lake nearby, Muncho Lake, is spectacular. Then we took our Jeep down a dirt road to Smith River falls, a beautiful roaring falls. On the animal front we saw 9 bears, many Stone Sheep, deer, elk, and free roaming buffalos. Lots of pictures but it felt like a photo safari in that you just don’t leave the car when that close ot a mama bear with cubs or buffalos with babies are so near. We arrived for the night in Watson Lake, Yukon a town of about 1,600 hearty souls. Shops close early and there are exactly 2 places to eat in town unless you include the grocery store.
There is some debate as to whether Henry Ford said: “you can have any color car you want, as long as its black”. But up here you can have any color you want as long as its brown. Unless there is a current rain out all the cars & trucks sport a uniform mud brown color.
We are staying in the Air Force Lodge, a restored BOQ (Bachelor Officer Quarters), that was moved here in 1942. A neat log structure that took 2 years to restore.


Sybil said...

Well I never claimed to be a good speller. I will show Mom your blog later but we're headed out now to get hair cuts. Took Mom to the Fire Dept annual picnic yesterday and we all ate too much (always too much great food at a pot luck). Henry made pesto from our home grown basil, with ravioli.
Glad to hear all is well.
Love, Sybil

Sybil said...

Mom & I just went through you blog and also enjoyed you phone call. Glad to hear from you.

Love, Sybil & Mom