July 25

July 25
It is hard to express the feeling of reaching a goal after so much traveling to get here. My mind is full of all the sights, people, places and events we have experienced. Now sitting here in the sunroom of our Arctic Chalet overlooking a small lake surrounded by tundra trees and a garden of fire weed, I feel relaxed. I could stay here for a month. Outside the window there are 30 huskies in wooden pens and to the right of the kennel they are constructing a log house by hand. It is so peaceful and quiet except when the dogs start barking or howling. We saw a wolf last night and it ‘sings’ to the huskies, here they call that arctic music. http://www.arcticchalet.com/

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Anonymous said...

Frank and Susan,
Sorry that I have not added to the blog before now, however, I have been very busy at work and painting etc.

Wonderful that you reached your final destination and that it is all that you dreamed of.

I printed off your correspondence so Wally and I could read it later this evening (that is if he gets up - he's having a nap now) and then perhaps he can send you a note.

All the very best in your continuing travels and watch off for bears.

Gail and Wally