The Road North - Edmonton to Dawson Creek, B.C.

The Road North

Up to now we have been retracing old routes and meeting with family & friends along the way. In Wetaskiwin, Alberta we got to help our niece and nephew, Candice and Gary build a fence, taking time off to explore Edmonton with our lovely grandniece, Ashton. First we went to the Royal Alberta Museum. The aboriginal exhibit there was outstanding. We then went to the Edmonton Street Performers Festival and saw some great comedic acts. Ashton got a very artistic face painting. The next day we went to the Reynolds Museum in Wetaskiwin where they had a special visiting exhibition on the Model T car.
This morning we had breakfast with my bother & his wife in St. Albert, Alberta and then headed out of town. We have seen many bright yellow fields, stunning in their beauty and size. They look like mustard, but are producing rapeseed oil, i.e. canola. I expect these plants to be producing fuel when oil has dried up in the middle east and the Alberta tar sands. The sky here is so big, horizon to horizon with Georgia O’Keefe clouds. Now the road north is the ‘great’ unknown for us. Here on the way to Grande Prairie the terrain has changed subtly. Whereas southern Alberta is mostly farm land with small bits of forest, now north of Edmonton there are still substantial farms, however they looked carved out of the forests. The services are now much farther apart. Road signs indicate services far down the road. Grand Prairie is a surprise, so much agriculture so far north. It is the far north end of the great plains. Once covered with tall grasses and buffalo herds it now produces a great quantity of canola, hay and other agricultural produce.  Tomorrow we explore the Dawson Creek area.

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