Beaver Creek, Yukon

Friday August 1st. We are on our way to Haines AK but to get there we have to drive back from Valdez AK through Tok AK and into Canada. We cover about 350 miles and end up in a Canadian border town of Beaver Creek, Yukon Territories. For the tiny place it is (2 motels, one RV park with shops) it is actually pretty lively. I guess being the last town in Canada going west or the first one going east fills up the rooms. Evidently it is also a destination for some people who fish and recreate in the local lakes. The few miles between the border and the town is full of wild life, we see a martin, two moose, two swans and two beavers. In the little cafe/shop/laundromat/internet place the Indian (from India, not native Canadian) fellow talked about running away from a grizzly bear a couple days earlier. The bear was diverted by the ipod he dropped, wonder if Apple could make an ad out of that.
We try to make arrangements for our ferry connection going south but discover almost everything we want is taken, there are no cabins so we would have to sleep on deck during the 3 1/2 day trip. We book it anyway. We get ready to head south early the next morning to Haines AK, a town we want to see and the ferry point for going south.

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