From British Columbia to Washington State

The major town we visit today is Prince George, BC. So far the only disappointing place on our visit mostly because of our expectations. Susan had been here a long time ago and experienced an old town with wood buildings, wood sidewalks and an old time feeling, something like Dawson City. She was eager to take me there. Well, we drove all over and could not find the old town, local young folks didn’t know what we were talking about. Turns out the old town is gone, replaced with modern structures most undistinguished. We get a walking map of the ‘old town’ and are able to make out a few old building interspersed with newer breeze block and aluminum. High point of the visit is lunch at a Tim Hortons.
Just as we thought things were going to get ‘boring’ as we headed towards home from more exotic places we come across an interesting little town called Clinton. We stay in a log lodge but this place has a restaurant and a bar. We walk the town which is old and charming. All along the street there are large displays with pictures of the town at any time between the 1880s and the 1940s and you can see which buildings are new and which ones were there in older times. We have reached far enough south that for the first time since being in the arctic Susan is actually warm. Off come some of the layers of clothing and on goes the sun screen.

We are up and off towards the USA. We head south in southern BC winding through the Fraser River gorge and find the charming town of Agassiz BC. We find a real German deli and have lunch. We would like to spend more time in town and the nearby Harrison hot springs but we have miles to cover today so we press on to the border. The border crossing takes a very long time. We literally spend a hour moving up a long line of cars one car at a time. Thought this inland crossing would be faster than going through Vancouver, not sure if that was a good decision.

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