July 14

Two weeks, 2500 miles and in a sense we have just begun. We start today at mile 0 in Dawson Creek.  But there are several beginnings for us so far; when we left home, when we left AZ and headed north, when we left family in Edmonton and now from Dawson Creek, the next “beginning” for us will heading up the Dempster Hwy. in a few days. Then there is the return and our Alaska travels that are currently unstructured.
But every hill is a beginning, too, someplace new to us. And new things beside the view like the Canadian food poutine. Looks remarkably like chili fries only with gravy instead of chili. We are probably more adventurous in food than in travel (my take off on Will Rogers is “I never met a food I didn’t like,” but poutine doesn’t even seem interesting and it has been a loosing struggle to not to eat too much already. Maybe if it is the only thing on the menu in Inuvik.
Tim Horton’s restaurant must be doing something right. Susan will drive by the Starbucks to get Horton’s frozen Cappuccino even today when it was 45 degrees out (13C, see, we’re going metric already). We see many slow or empty eating places, but always a line at Horton’s.


Aaron said...

Great to see you are close to the Dempster! We just got back from 4 days camping in the van at Lake Tahoe. Worked great especially when hiding from the bear that decided to check out our campsite!
Let's talk soon.
Aaron, Krista, Kaia, and Landis

Eric said...

Hello Sursan and Franky,
I think i am blogging but not sure....Dah
Well it sounds like you are in the wilderness and ready to chase a caraboo or two. Mom called me and asked why she couldn't reach you by phone, i told her that you are out of the country and that it would be expensive etc. She sends her love and as we and hope that all is well. Eric, Julie and Sam

Eric said...

Have a safe drive home, as it is the longest drive home you guys have ever driven!
You won't want to see a dirt road for a while....
after this....
Love you both and have a rip roaring time!
Eric and Julie