July 7

July 7th. We start out from Pocatello in the fashion of Bill Guist, we investigate the Potato Museum and learn more about potatoes in general and Idaho potatoes in particular than one could imagine. Models of potato harvesting systems from manual and horse drawn through modern powered systems. Got a free (lagniappe) of potato pancake mix thrown in for the $2.50 price of admission.
Who invented Polson, MT? We are sitting watching the sun set over Flathead Lake, at a Mexican restaurant and the town is surrounded by an Indian reservation. Tropical drinks, huge alpine lake, towering mountains, and cherry orchards what could be better. This town and a number of others we visited today including Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Dillon all seem to be recovering a previous prosperity. Obviously they had fallen on hard times in the not too distant past but everywhere was construction, new businesses and vibrant life. Of course this is the high summer season, might look different in January.

Chalk One Up For The Natives.
We departed from the US 15 route to go up ID128 to follow the path taken by Lewis & Clark when they went through Idaho. This led us past the Big Hole National Battlefield. This battle, though not the war, was won by the Nez Perce, they even have the cannon captured by the Indians after firing two rounds. It is quite a story.  

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I have spent some time working in the Pocatello, Idaho Falls areas, nice big open country. It gets even more going North. I enjoy reading, keep posting.