July 8

July 8 Today we covered less than 200 miles but what miles they were! We drove the ‘Going To The Sun Highway’ My brother told me about it and Susan had driven it before. It is a 60 mile road in Glacier National Park that has big elevation gains/losses, much exposure (like those pictures you see in Peru) and literally breath taking views. The road opened for the season only last week and for several miles there was only one lane. We had to wait for 25 minutes for our turn. This deserves many paragraphs and pictures but look it up on the internet and drive it if you can.
Now I had figured that this was the time to transition from motels to camping to save money and get accustomed to camp life. But I did not count on Susan who dialed the Glacier Lodge to check if there had been any cancellations. There were none but there were a couple openings at the Prince Of Wales Lodge in Waterton National Park in Canada, if we had passports. Of course we do but I choke at the price. Susan chats pleasantly and gets offered the off season rate (saved $100). Folks don’t seem to offer me these special deals.
I was last at the POWH 41 years ago and Susan was there 40 years ago. Both of us were poor and just visiting at the time and now we are staying here as Susan decided to raid her ‘mad money account to cover the costs, who am I to disagree? The lodge has not changed much in 40 years can’t say the same thing about Susan & I.
Border Crossing
I have been across the Canadian border at least a dozen times. Usually I can measure the interrogation time by the second hand of an analog watch (remember those?). But the young lady at customs asks where we are from (California) how long to plan to stay in Canada (3 to 4 weeks) and did we have any firearms (no). not sure what triggered it, maybe watching too many TV shows about Los Angeles but out comes an assistant, both don rubber gloves and diligently search our Jeep, I suspect, looking for a gun. They look through our food supply, camping equipment and dirty laundry but didn’t fire up our laptop, the most dangerous thing we carry. Of course they do not find anything. I wanted to bring a shotgun to protect against bears in the Arctic but Sierra Club Sue (AKA Dear Wife) nixed the idea. I expect to pick up some bear repellent spray later on the trip. Hope it does more than add festive seasoning to tourists.


Steve said...

Sam and I took this route in the mid-1990's, then we headed towards Vancouver. I think Canadian border Mounties always ask about firearms, but you must have looked suspicious to get the search.

This may give away my roots and my age but right now the 1950's Johnny Horton country song is in my head-
"North to Alaska,
They're goin' North, the rush is on."

Pat said...

Loving the commentary, you "computer-packing Angeleno." Bringing back tons of memories for me... I fell in Mac Donald Creek off of Logan Pass in 1963; we camped the whole time -- so what a luxury to stay in a Hotel. WOW!